The Connecticut Valley Flyers is a flying club based at Brainard Airport, in Hartford, CT (KHFD). 15 members together own N46511, a 1969 Cessna 172K Skyhawk with a 180hp/constant speed conversion. Our members range from recent private pilots to instructors and ATP’s with decades and thousands of hours experience.

We schedule N46511 online on a first-come basis, and backup reservations are also welcome. Most flights are for a few hours, but occasionally members will have a multi-day trip planned. The longest so far has been out to Oshkosh!

The previous owner (in the early 70’s) did the 180 hp constant speed conversion, and we bought the plane soon after. Several years ago ‘511 was refurbished with a leather interior and new paint. She looks and flies great! Plan on travelling at 130mph at 9.5 gph in cruise, with a 2-3/4 hour range and 1 hr reserve.